Living In Your Moments Of Transition
John Lindsey   -  

Living In Your Moments Of Transition

Exodus 13, Numbers 13, Hebrews 3

Everyone walks through times of transition throughout their entire lives.

Some are GREAT…. some are NOT!

Transition: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

Was Moses ready to transition back to Egypt?

Is something holding you back from transitioning well as you look to your future?

We see that God KNEW His people.

Do you believe that God knows you?

We all walk through times of transition, but in these times, will we trust the Lord?

In our times of transition, we learn more about ourselves and understand more about who God is!

Don’t let the past solely define you, instead, let your identity in Christ define how you will grow from you past.

The DECISIONS we make in times of transition will have an IMPACT.

Some of you need to take the NEXT STEP in your time of transition

God is calling you from DEATH to LIFE! Will you place your trust in Him?