“Ruth- Finding The Love You Want”- Sunday, January 14, 2024
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Finding The Love You Wan

  • Over the last 50 years, marriage rates in the U.S. have dropped by nearly 60%.
  • 63% of men under the age of 30 are choosing to be single.
  • 77% of millennials prefer to live with their partner before marriage

If you do what most people do, you’ll get what most people get.

Ruth 1:16

When you turn away from Moab, you’ll find God’s blessings in Bethlehem.

Ruth 2:1

Ruth 2:2

Ruth 2:3

  • The Providence of God: when God uses natural circumstances to bring about His supernatural plans.

Ruth 2:4

Ruth 2:5-7

Qualities that Boaz notices in Ruth

  • She’s faithful to God
  • She’s loyal to her family
  • She’s a hard worker
  • She honors God morally

Ruth 2:8-9

Qualities that Ruth notices in Boaz

  • He honors her
  • He protects her
  • He provides for her
  • He prays for her

Ruth 2:14

Bottom Line: When we turn away from Moab and look back to Bethlehem, our chapter one ends. What will happen for you in your chapter two?