“A Journey Through The Book Of Malachi- Being A Covenant Keeper”-Sunday, October 1, 2023
Chris Beck   -  

Being A Covenant Keeper

God desires me to pursue Him in the same way that He pursues me.

Malachi 2:10-16

Being a covenant – keeping community is essential to our relationship with a covenant – keeping God!

Three Important Truths

  1. God is a covenant making and covenant keeping God.
  2. The people had profaned God’s covenant by being faithless to each other.
  3. The most grievous way they had been faithless to each other and to God was in their marriages.

How can I be a part of a covenant keeping community?

  1. Guard your spirit
  2. Repent of any past broken covenants
  3. Commit to a lifestyle of covenant keeping relationships

Bottom Line: My relationship with God will never be better than my relationship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. And the best way to make sure that all those relationships are all that they can be is to be part of a covenant keeping community.