Tuition, Fees, and Daycare Packet

Mt. Pisgah Child Development Center

Here is our daycare packet, along with information on tuition, fees, and other policies & procedures! Please feel free to call with any questions! (205) 525-4700

Tuition & Fees

Monthly Billing
3 Days Per Week - $368 Per Month
5 Days Per Week - $476 Per Month

Toddler-4 Year Old
3 Days Per Week- $347
5 Days Per Week- $455

After School Program
$45 Per Week
$45 Per Week x 39 Weeks = $1775 Per Year
$1755/10 Months= $175 Per Month

After school will not pay for the two weeks the students are out during Christmas, the one week they are out for Thanksgiving, or the one week they are out for Spring Break. Those will be sign up days, and you will be charged for the days your child attends or per week.

Registration Fees
All ages is $60 per new student
$50 for currently enrolled students

The drop-in fee will be $35 per day per child!

Preschool is considered anyone who is two years of age by September 1, 2018.